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Heroes of our Lives
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Altinordu Layika Akbilek Ilkokulu

Our school is a primary school in Sincan where is one of the district in Ankara with the highest number of immigrants. Nowadays, the number of refugees who are from Syria and Iraq has increased. Most immigrants are unemployed and have very low income. The education level of these families is also low; most of them are at the basic level of literacy. This situation causes the region to have a more cosmopolitan structure. This structure means that educators work with many different social, cultural and educational backgrounds. There are 1.300 students in our school and 59 of them have with low and intermediate level different disabilities. Our school, which has a dynamic and productive staff, conducts educational, social and cultural activities in order to carry out more efficient and effective training activities. Our school is actively working with a team of teachers who are determined to present each student with the opportunity to discover themselves. Our Directorate works to take necessary measures to increase the quality and efficiency of education in our institution and to enlighten the managers, teachers, parents and students about the common problems of the students in our school. Increasing school success , socializing disabled students and ensuring the social cohesion of all our students are our priorities. Our school directorates continue their studies with 80 staff members in order to continue the education in the best way. There are some disadvantaged students in our school due to various negative factors such as health problems, disability, family problems and inappropriate environmental conditions. Our school constantly researches different methods and techniques and cooperates with non-governmental organizations in order to remove the obstacles in front of these students, to offer them a better education environment and to present them to life as self-confident. Our school director Mehmet ŞAHİN worked as a branch manager .He worked as a coordinator in the Erasmus + project of many schools in the district, participated in mobility and carried out dissemination activities. Mehmet ŞAHİN is an experienced manager in project execution and management. Our contact person Serap YILMAZ is an experienced class teacher who is interested in solving student problems. She is conducting Erasmus projects via eTwinning. She has carried out Erasmus + projects in previous schools. She is an experienced teacher with project cycle training. The Project Group was formed .The project group consists of 1 deputy director, 2 class teachers, 1 school counselor and 1 English teacher. All of our teachers have at least a bachelor's degree and pedagogical formation. Group members are experienced, sociable and experienced teachers who are constantly trying to improve themselves about education. They are enthusiastic about project management and implementation.
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